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Healthy skin and shiny coat say a lot about your dog's condition. Contrary to appearances, beauty rituals give him a lot of joy. Performed gently and carefully will be a moment of relaxation and respite. However, it is worth knowing how to approach the subject of care properly. Gentle tone of voice, stroking and smile accompanying the treatments will make our dog like everyday cosmetics.


Regular combing and brushing makes the hair soft, shiny and pleasant to the touch. Improves blood supply to the skin and helps to remove dead hair. As with all other treatments, coat care should be tamed from the earliest months of life. Let's make sure that the four-legged associate this activity with something pleasant. Rewarding him for his patient behaviour is a confirmed method of small steps. During the treatment, we can see if the dog has no fleas, ticks, irritated skin or scratches. Depending on the type of hair, we will use different types of brushes and combs. In breeds with short and smooth hair, combing is carried out once every few weeks with a rubber brush. A long coat requires frequent, even daily care with metal brushes and combs.


How to take care of your dog?Each dog should be bathed. How often it should be done depends mainly on the length of his coat. You have to reckon with the fact that the longer, the more frequent the need for care. Smaller dogs with a long coat such as yorkshire terrier or shih tzu can be bathed even once a week without fear. Dirty hair and impurities cannot be completely removed other than by using specially adapted cosmetics. - Appropriate preparations will not cause irritation or allergy. In order to organize the treatment more efficiently and to save stress for our guests, let's put an anti-slip mat in the bathtub. Remember that the water level should not reach above the animal's chest. Be careful that water does not get into your pet's ears and nose. At the same time, remember not to be exposed to draughts directly after the dog. Water temperature should not exceed 38°C - advises Aurelia Dryer from Aquael.

Eye, ear and oral hygiene

Proper nutrition is a way to prevent problems with teeth. While eating dry food, your dog rubs off plaque and cleans teeth at the same time. On the other hand, soft food from cans and sachets promotes the formation of tartar. To reduce storage, we can give your dog cleaning delicacies or teethers. We should also check the ears of our pet from time to time, especially in the case of long-eared types such as bassets or spaniels. The procedure of removing secretions with the use of cosmetic sticks should be repeated at least once a week. Don't forget the most sensitive part of your dog's body - your eyes! Check that there is no secretion in the corners, and if you notice it, use a cotton pad soaked in warm water or tea essence to remove it.


Dogs that spend their time outdoors don't need to cut their claws often. They naturally abrade on sand and concrete. If the four-legged are more likely to be at home, they should be cared for at all times. The shortening itself should be carried out very gently and carefully so as not to damage the vessels and not to cause pain to the animal. Cut off the nails from the bottom to the top. Thanks to the comprehensive and systematic care of your pet we will avoid many painful ailments. So let's watch our friend's appearance and behaviour so that we don't miss out on worrying signals.


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