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The best food for your dog? How to buy for puppies and old dogs?

Many things influence the choice of the right dog food. Good quality is not only defined by high prices and positive opinions about the producer. If you want to make sure your dog gets the right food to suit his needs, take a close look at the feeds available on the market.

Dog food

We advise which food to give to dogs with health problems, puppies, whether to put on dry or wet food, and which delicacies are worth recommending.

Dry or wet?

The above choice depends mainly on the comfort of the dog and the owner.

Dry - it has a lot of nutrients and is more concentrated. It is dosed in smaller portions than her wet cousin. This is popular, comfortable and economical compared to wet food.
Wet - it has more water, less satiety. Most dogs love her. Feeding only with it is uncomfortable and expensive at the same time.

Feeding with two types of food is a good solution. Base - dry food, replenishment - wet. The supply of nutrients to your dog is optimal and liked by them.

Good food for your dog

Good karma - how to get to know?

Usually it costs more, but not always. The loss of money is paying only for a nice packaging. It is worth noting:

  • Meat content - a determinant of good food. Dogs are carnivores, so the food should have a large amount of animal protein. Unfortunately, a lot of food for dogs has little of it. They contain grains and other fillers. Therefore, in order to buy the best possible food, let's check the composition of the product!

The best ones can be found in pet shops. Sometimes they contain as much as 40-50% meat. Moreover, they are not more expensive than other products of inferior quality.

  • Types of meat - it is worth paying attention whether the meat is fresh or dried. Meat meal is also often available.
  • Cereals - food is divided into those with and without grain. The most valuable are cereal-free. They usually have the most meat, fruit, vegetables and other animal products. Normally dogs do not eat cereals. However, it is not a tragedy to feed a food that contains it, but if you do this it must have a lot of meat and the grain itself must be full grains.
  • Additional ingredients - these are the ingredients needed in your dog's daily diet. E.g. fish oil rich in fatty acids or fiber from fruit and vegetables, vitamins, chemical compounds. Healthy dogs that are already adults will only need a good quality basic food. For dogs with health problems and puppies - specialist products.

Speciality foods

  • Puppies - they need different amounts of nutrients than adults. The food should be rich in protein, high-calorie, with plenty of fatty acids. They are usually marked accordingly.
  • Seniors - they should have a food with a small amount of fat, but with ingredients to help the joints.
  • Overweight - For coarse fur coats, a food with a low fat content but a large amount of fibre is recommended.
  • Sterilized - low-calorie foods.
  • Sick - these are specialist products, usually sold in veterinary surgeries. If your dog is just being treated or in convalescence, ordinary food must be replaced by products chosen by a vet.


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