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Dog nutrition, dog nutritional standards

Every dog owner should be aware of the importance of choosing the right food for the pet. To a large extent, the health of the dog and how quickly the dog's body will age depend on the diet.

Dog nutrition

How to feed your dog to keep him healthy and energetic?

It's obvious that it's the dog owner who decides how to feed his pet. That's why it's up to you whether your dog will develop properly and have no health problems. How should I feed my dog so that he can enjoy great health for as long as possible?
Food unsuitable for dogs

Feeding your dog with food that is intended for humans may seem a simple and uninteresting solution. Very often owners of four-legged animals feed them with leftovers, for example after lunch. However, it is important to be aware of the fact that such a solution is comfortable, but it is not beneficial for the dog. Eaten leftovers do not provide pets with the necessary nutrients, because their nutritional needs are completely different from those of humans. In addition, be aware that some products intended for human use may be harmful to your dog.

How to feed your dog?

Making your own meals for your dog may seem to be a good alternative. This is more time-consuming, but it allows you to use the ingredients that the four-legged person needs. Unfortunately, it is not always more beneficial for your dog to prepare meals on its own.

What to feed your dog with?

Why isn't cooking for your dog always beneficial? Because when developing a set of ingredients that your dog needs, it is important to take into account, among other things, age, breed and lifestyle. Contrary to appearances, composing an appropriate diet for pets is not an easy task, which can only be dealt with by a person who is a specialist in animal nutrition.

dry dog food

Dog feeding dry food

A very good solution, both for the pet and for the comfort of its caregiver, is definitely to feed the pet with dry dog food, the composition of which has been developed by experts in the field of dog nutrition. However, it is important to be aware that not every dry food available on the market will provide your dog with the nutrients he needs. So what do you have to pay attention to when buying dry dog food?

Valuable dog food

Not everyone knows that nutritional standards, which determine what ingredients and in what amounts they should be consumed, apply not only to humans, but also to animals. The issue of proper nutrition of dogs is dealt with by various institutions, including the Association of American Feed Control Officials and the National Research Council. Following their recommendations, the Research Centre develops formulas for foods with high bioavailability and a large number of nutraceuticals, i.e. ingredients whose task is to protect the animal's organism. So it's worth knowing how to know if your dog's food is of high quality.

Nutrition standards for dogs

A very important criterion when choosing food is its digestibility, which in the case of dry food should be 85-88%. The higher the quality of the food, the easier it is digested by your dog's body, which quickly assimilates many of the nutrients contained in the food. High absorption capacity also has an excellent effect on the condition of the dog and his health. If you choose Royal Canin, you can be sure that it is not only healthy for your pet, but also tasty, so it will surely appeal to every dog.


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