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Gift dog? Why not?

Christmas is approaching again, so again, once again each of us has a problem with what gift will be the best for our loved ones. Some prefer very practical gifts, which can be used and which will not only be a space-saving trinket. Others prefer gifts that are nice and given from the heart but rather completely useless for nothing. There are also those who decide to make another person happy with a dog for Christmas or birthday. But is a dog, as a gift for a Christmas tree, a good idea? Almost every child always dreams of having a dog or other animal. The dog is, of course, the best friend of man. She is a great companion in everyday life, at every moment. Your child will love him or her and will feel comfortable with his or her company.

What's more, psychologists have proven that children brought up with a dog learn more in the company of a pet, and above all a dog, develop much better intellectually. But is this a sufficient argument to buy a dog for a Christmas tree for a child? Should we succumb to children's requests just because the little dog is sweet and looks like a misio? Dream dog as a gift for Christmas tree is not a good idea. All the more so if the decision was made under the influence of an impulse or crying supplications of the child. A sweet puppy awakens the best emotions in each of us. As a result, we succumb to impulses very simply and too easily and buy it at the request of the child almost immediately. However, we must remember that this is a living creature that will accompany us every day for years to come. Therefore, the decision to buy it should be very carefully considered in every respect. A dog is first of all a duty to raise and only then a pleasure. Before we make our decision that we buy our children a dog, it is worth realizing that another living creature at home is not a pleasure but a duty. Dog is above all a lot of duties, not only financial but also educational. This is not a toy that you can put on a shelf or hide in a box when you get bored with the fun.

During the holidays we will have a sufficient amount of tasks and things related to doing holidays. This should be the only and sufficient reason not to buy a new tenant for Christmas or other holidays. But if this lack of Christmas scorn is not a sufficient and final argument for us, try to imagine and talk to other puppies about how a small, defenceless puppy can feel in such an atmosphere of turmoil and before the Christmas rush. After all, it is a tiny child, which only recently was sometimes taken away from its mother by force. Therefore, at the beginning and in the first days with us a lot of peace, patience and time to get to know the new house, make friends with the family members who are happy to see it. It also needs your attention and support at the very beginning, which you can't usually provide during the run before Christmas. What's more, Christmas time is a time of family meetings. So you can meet at this time and have a visit to a large number of people who do not have the right to know . And a small dog, just like a small donkey, like a small child, at the start with new owners needs care, care and effort only from the household members. Therefore, the time of Christmas chaos is not suitable for the reception of our new member of the household.

Is winter a good time to raise your puppy?

The last argument that is probably worth thinking about is the winter weather. Is winter the best time to grab a dog? When we start trying to teach him how to keep it clean, which naturally means going outside often and regularly, we will be exposed to the caprices of the not too cool, winter not friendly aura at all. Now think, imagine standing up in the middle of a cold night, to get out with your dog to lead him to the so-called toilet when the snowstorm rages outside the window and the temperature drops to minus a dozen or so degrees Celsius. It's not a nice and nice picture, isn't it? What's more, think not about yourself but about this little creature. A small dog will certainly be more reluctant to learn and it will be more difficult for him to learn when each going out to the courtyard to the toilet will be equal to getting soaked and freezing to the bones. If your pet is warm and not used to negative, cold winter temperatures, she's exposed to strong weather shock and may experience trauma when colliding with unfavourable weather. All these weather and nature circumstances can make our Christmas present several times longer to learn how to deal with your physiological needs outside the house and walks one hundred percent will never again be associated with pleasure. What is more, the low outside temperature is conducive to the development of many diseases in a young dog. Such a young and not very resistant to diseases organism is the most sensitive to various flu infections or colds. It's easy, so your dog can catch a cold or get ill right from the start. This is yet another argument in favour of the fact that a Christmas gift dog is not the best idea.

If you are a dog lover and your children also want to have a pet at home, but it is worth considering this type of solution. However, let us remember that this is a very serious decision that can no longer be reversed. We must carefully examine each of the arguments that speak for and against buying a dog at home. We should take this step and decide on it rationally and not under the influence of the children's desire for a spontaneous decision. And even if we still think that this is a good solution and an excellent idea, let's consider whether a dog, as a gift for our children for a Christmas tree is the best idea. After all, we can transfer it and buy it at home, bringing it home at any time, even in spring, without a chance.


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