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How and what to feed young Labradors?

Labradors are dogs from Newfoundland that are classified as non-carriers, scoundrels, aquatic dogs and the section of non-carriers. Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dogs that are bought to Polish homes - no wonder, because he is very family friendly and likes children. However, in order to raise a wise, healthy dog, it is necessary to take proper care of him and feed him properly. How and what to feed young labradors?

How many times a day to feed your puppy's labrador?

Young dogs of this breed must eat 4-5 times a day. This frequency is extremely important because it provides the best conditions for their development. When dogs grow up, however, they should eat 3 meals a day - and this is really the maximum amount for an adult. Some people think that if the dog is big, he needs more frequent eating, but it will certainly not be healthy for him. The problem may be that the dog still seems hungry - this breed loves to eat and eat every meal, prepared and served by the owners - that's why you should be on your own and not feed your pet. This could end up with stomach problems and even obesity for him.

How do I feed my puppy's labrador?

The answer to the question of how many times a day a dog should eat is simple, but what we should give him to eat is already a much more difficult issue. First of all, you should realize that each dog is a bit different - regardless of whether it is large or still small. Animals - just like humans - have their culinary tastes from the earliest moments of life. So it's hard to get accurate and reliable advice on your pet's menu - any food may or may not taste good.

what to feed your puppy's labrador

Above all, it's worth observing your pet - whether, for example, there are no problems with emptying, whether it tastes good, whether it doesn't behave strangely after eating something, whether it doesn't show signs of allergy - and thanks to that you can find out what's most suitable for it.

There is still a whole list of things your dog can't afford to eat! Labrador will certainly have a desire for them and many owners have already given in to a hungry, dog gaze, but these products can harm the dog, and yet everyone wants the best for their dog. So what can't they be given?

  • 1. all sweets, especially chocolate.
  • The majority of fruits, and above all grapes, also in the dried version, i.e. raisins.
  • 3. vegetables - mainly green, but also onions, potatoes and tomatoes.
  • (4) Milk and all milk products.
  • Raw fish.
  • 6. eggs.
  • 7. all doughs - and above all yeast dough.
  • 8. mushrooms.
  • 9. alcohol.

For the labrador is also not advisable any very fatty food, which must be remembered when preparing meals yourself. You should also avoid giving too small ankles - chicken, for example - to these large dogs because your dog may want to swallow them as a whole and choke on them.


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