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How much should a cat eat?

Proper cat care is a difficult matter - not only beginners, but also experienced, long-standing owners have problems with it. One of the main problems is how to feed your cat, what to feed her with, how large portions to feed our cat and how often. How much your cat should weigh and what effect this has on the choice and amount of food that we should give her. It's worth taking a closer look at this topic - your cat will certainly be happy about it.

How much should a cat eat?

It's hard to determine exactly what amounts of food should be consumed by your cat. However, it is assumed that an adult cat needs 5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This term is used to describe the expected, correct weight of the cat, which depends on many factors such as breed or body structure of our pet. In practice, this means that if your cat exceeds her expected weight, you should give her less food, and if she lacks it, she should be given larger portions. Cats need 40 to 60 kilocalories per kilogram of body weight. So for an average cat it's about 250 calories a day. The dosage information on the food packaging should be treated with a pinch of salt, as it applies only to cats that eat only one food. If your cat uses several sources of food, the amount of feed should be calculated.

how many times a day to feed your cat,

How many times a day should I feed my cat?

Everything depends on what the cat eats. It is most commonly used to feed the animal a larger meal twice a day and to provide permanent access to dry food. However, it should also be dosed, e.g. divided into three parts and given to the cat in this way. In this way the animal will have access to 5 meals a day. They should be planned in such a way that the breaks between meals are neither too big nor too small.

Kitten's diet

If your cat eats too much, she'll need a diet. Just like humans, cats are fed very dynamically and need to be adapted to their needs, activity and stage of life. In order to assess whether your cat's feeding habits are appropriate, it is important to check if she has the correct body weight. The easiest, but not entirely accurate, way is to drive your cat's spine and ribs with your hand. If they are not perceptible, it means that the cat is overweight and the amount of food given to it should be reduced. If they are strongly visible, it is a sign of underperformance. On the basis of this study, the amount of food given to the cat should be increased or decreased.

Don't forget that cats are carnivores. Feedingstuffs should be rich in animal protein and prepared on the basis of meat. The amount of carbohydrates in a good feed should not exceed 10% of the composition of the whole product. When choosing a wet food, it is important to look at how much meat there is in it. All types of plant products, fillers and by-products should be in a cat's diet as little as possible.


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