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How often should I feed aquarium fish?

Some people prefer pets that can be hugged and go for a walk with them. Others that can be watched and that look beautifully in the room - like aquarium fish. Undoubtedly, the illuminated aquarium looks great in the evening, and the passion for breeding fish is incredibly engaging. However, it should be remembered that no aquarium will be charming if the fish are not healthy as well. And their healthy behaviour depends to a large extent on proper feeding. What to do to keep the fish full, healthy, but not to overfeed them at the same time?

How to feed aquarium fish?

The health of fish depends to a large extent on what they eat exactly. It's natural - it has every creature like that. In the case of aquarium fish, however, everything depends only on the breeder - the fish have not acquired the ability to feel satiety through evolution. They never needed this ability, because there was never enough food to eat properly. However, living in an aquarium, under the constant eye of a caring owner is something completely different.

Feeding aquarium fish is not as easy as it might seem. The procedure is quite complicated and depends to a large extent on the specificity of a given species.

How often do I feed fish?

Few people know that aquarium fish are usually fed 2-5 times a day. This is the recommended amount, but eating food takes a few minutes for the fish and you shouldn't add it, believing that if they have eaten everything, they are probably still hungry. It is also worth remembering that specialists recommend 1 day of fasting per week - of course, if the fish are fed regularly on other days.

feeding fish

Fish are rather fed dried food - this live food increases the risk of infection or disease. The best food is in flaps or tablets, but it must be adapted to the mouth of the fish. If they are small, you should not choose flakes that are too big, because the fish will have trouble swallowing them. Importantly, food residues must not float on the water, thus polluting the water. You have to take care of hygiene in the aquarium so that the fish are healthy and feel good.

How to feed fish?

It is not possible to give a single, specific feeding of fish, which would be universal. There are many species that differ in the way they feed. Some gather food from the surface, others feed at the bottom.

Whoever has bought the tablets can glue them to the aquarium walls to provide food not only for deep-sea and demersal fish, but for everyone. Flake food - just like dried and freeze-dried fish food - first floats on the surface of the water, then gradually soak up and fall. However, little food can reach the bottom. Therefore, it is recommended that fish feeding at great depths receive sinking granules that fall to the bottom. By the way, it happens that they are eaten by fish feeding at different depths.

Another important issue is the issue of live food. Probably many people will be surprised at this place - food is the most natural, so it should be the most suitable for all fish. However, it is best to avoid such food. First of all, because there is no certainty as to the environment in which the food was present before it reached our aquarium. Fish are therefore at risk of being infected by a pathogen. For strong, resilient fish it should not pose any threat, but sometimes it is better not to risk - all the more so if our aquarium fish are weakened.


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