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How to feed Golden Retrievera? Nutrition principles

Nutrition for specific breeds of dogs is currently gaining popularity. Thanks to them, specific needs are met, which affects the health and condition of dogs. In order to feed your pet properly, it's a good idea to first get to know his needs, which are associated with belonging to a particular breed. The same applies to golden retrievers. So what ingredients are necessary in their diet and which food will meet their expectations?

Golden Retriever - Feeding

Golden retrievery is considered to be extremely family dogs. They are intelligent, extremely friendly and sustainable. When choosing a dog of this breed, one should not forget, however, that they are not typical sandwich dogs. The opposite is true, because they are farm animals and they really love work. Their primary role is to be a hunting dog. In addition, they are perfect for helping the disabled, being a rescuer or a police dog, because they are able to find drugs or explosive substances.

Such active dogs of course need a large portion of energy, which can be supplied with food. However, when a golden dog meets as a family dog and does not perform a specific task, it does not always have the opportunity to burn a large amount of calories. Therefore their problem is often overweight. This makes it better to find a food that has a high protein content and a low fat content.

These dogs love movement. It is worth mentioning that they are quite massive four-legged, reaching a weight of 25-36 kilos. For this reason they may have problems with joints, such as dysplasia or degeneration. It is therefore important to provide them with substances that will adequately protect the animal's skeletal system.

Golden retrievery very often delight with beautiful hair. However, a bad diet can make dogs look worse. It should also be remembered that dogs of this breed lose a lot of hair regardless of the season. Therefore, their diet must be rich in many ingredients that will have a beneficial effect on the coat. Goldenes also have sensitive skin, which causes dermatological problems. This also affects the choice of a suitable diet for your dog.

They also have circulatory problems, hence the need to strengthen and protect the heart of their pet.

Feeding your puppy Golden

Labrador Golden Retriever Feeding

The most important nutrient for this breed is, of course, animal protein. This type of food allows you to build adequate muscle mass. It is also worth taking care of the addition of L-carnitine, which is conducive to burning fat tissue. Golden retriever must also have a dose of substances that strengthen the joints, i.e. chondroitin and glucosamine. On the other hand, the hair and skin will be affected by such substances as: copper, biotin, methionine, zinc, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Taurine, in turn, has a positive effect on the heart. It is also good when the food is rich in antioxidants.

Golden Retriever - feeding puppies

When choosing food for your dog, you should also take into account factors that are not directly related to race affiliation. This is primarily the age and level of activity, which are important for the choice of food for your pet. Dogs up to the age of 15 months should be fed puppies to support their proper development. Working Goldens need food for active dogs, while family Goldens need low-calorie food. The choice of food depends on the most important, most special needs of our pet.


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