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How to prevent ticks in your dog?

It turns out that ticks are a kind of arachnids, which in order to reach maturity should feed at least three times, and people, dogs, as well as cats are an excellent source of this food. As a result, the purpose of certain ticks is that blood, to which they gain access by bite. Experts show that this moment is completely painless, because the ticks release a specific anaesthetic substance, which is in saliva at the same time.

This results in the fact that the lack of such awareness may cause, first of all, omissions and very serious consequences of the disease. So in this case we should think about this prophylaxis, which at the same time will protect us and our dogs and cats from numerous diseases. It is also emphasized that these preparations against numerous ticks, which protect dogs and cats in particular, however, arouse a lot of ambiguity. It is also shown that the individual form of protection against the numerous "ticks" is appropriate.

However, it is indicated that they are distinguished by the potential duration of action of numerous active substances, i.e. chemical compounds that simultaneously combat a specific species of ticks or even fleas. Let us remember, therefore, that an important form of this fight becomes the final protection of this skin of dogs or cats, through which numerous parasites take our or our animals' blood. It shows when the right amount of insecticide is applied, all ticks will no longer pose a dangerous threat.

Therefore, the collar against ticks, contrary to important information, is of particular importance, but it does not constitute this form of repellent parasites and, in particular, it fights ticks and fleas, at the same time releasing biologically active substances. You can also show drops or aerosols. It also turns out that a collar should also have constant contact with a specific lipid layer of the skin in order for this action to be effective. Remember that aerosols against numerous ticks are available in pet shops or at the same time in veterinary surgeries, which results in the fact that they are most often mistakenly treated as a luxury.


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