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How to properly feed breeding parrots?

Beautifully coloured, with a characteristic curved beak, parrots live for several decades, provided that they are properly fed. Improperly fed quickly begin to suffer from various diseases, are obese and overweight. Therefore, when choosing food for our talkative friends, it is necessary to get to know their needs and tastes.

What do parrots eat in nature?

Parrots are mainly found in Australia, Africa and South America. Most parrots in nature feed on seeds, fruit and crops. They can be found in plantations, orchards and fields. Using their beak efficiently, they are able to split a hard nut or fruit shell. During the mating season they need protein, which they supply themselves with larvae and insects. In natural conditions, parrots are able to provide themselves with food, maintaining an appropriate ratio of phosphorus to calcium, which is extremely difficult at home.

Food for Corrugated Parrots, NImf

Domestic parrots, just like those living in the wild, should be fed mainly with properly composed mixtures of grains. Choosing the right mix determines the size of the bird. In breeding conditions we distinguish parrots:

  • large - cockato, ary, żako,
  • medium - nymph, rozella,
  • small - corrugated parake

What makes the right choice of nutrition.

If we decide to choose a food selected according to the geographical area from which it originates, we will ideally choose the nutrients for our feathered friends. Perfectly balanced proportions will be close to the way they are fed in the wild.

When preparing a seed mix, pay attention to the type of grain and the correct proportions. Corrugated parrots and nymphs, i.e. small and medium-sized parrots, should be fed mainly on millet and canary. Improperly selected oilseeds can lead to obesity, which is extremely dangerous as parrots have limited movement in the home. Favorite, high-calorie sunflower should be a rationed seed. Ideal for training. Incorrectly fed corrugated parrots often suffer from hypothyroidism.

what to feed the parrot

Food for parrots

Most parrots can be fed with properly selected grains. The exceptions are lilacs and lorries. These beautiful birds quickly become attached to their owner, but require a great deal of commitment to preparing meals. They consist of fruit purée, fresh fruit and nectars (prepared from lactose free flakes), carrots and hard-cooked eggs.

Parrot food - ingredients

The diet of domesticated parrots, as well as those living in freedom, should be varied. Even the best grain mixtures are not enough to provide phosphorus in the first place. Fruit, vegetables and greenery are still needed. However, they can also grimace - not every parrot can be persuaded to soft fruits and vegetables. In this case, press juice should be prepared. During the breeding season, protein must not be forgotten. Under natural conditions, the parrot feeds on larvae and insects, at home it can be served with a boiled egg. It is necessary to place a limestone cage in the cage. Calcium responds to the correct structure of bones, feathers and egg shells. In addition, the food can be enriched with high quality sprouts.

Eating for parrots is also entertainment and a dose of mental stimulation. Biting the bark from fresh branches of fruit trees, or served from time to time sponge cakes will bring a lot of joy. Unlike life in nature, a parrot has a limited ability to receive external stimuli in the home environment. A substitute for foraging may be looking for food buried in interactive containers.

Preparing the right meals is time-consuming and sometimes too difficult. That is why you can (and should) use ready-made foods, which only need to be supplemented with appropriate tropical fruits and vegetables. Self-preparation of meals is difficult, because wrongly selected mixes can lead to obesity, which will cause other diseases.


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