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How to reconcile work and dog ownership?

It doesn't matter if you decide on a pedigree dog or an ordinary uniform, this original dog with a certificate is always expensive. Buying such a dog always involves considerable costs, and this is only the beginning of the expenditure. Then we have to go with the new little one to carry out all preventive vaccinations. At the beginning of your stay with us the most necessary is the whole vaccination package against infectious diseases that a small dog must receive because it is regulated by law. And then this kind of vaccination must be done annually. We must not miss the vaccination dates, because it can be a very serious threat to the health and life of our dog.

What's more, if your dog suffers from a disease that may happen sooner or later with your dog, and then we need to provide the help of a vet and buy appropriate medicines or injections. It's a bit like with our little children, we have to think first of all that the dog should quickly recover and feel as good as possible again, and run around the house. Another expense is, of course, the price of our baby food. You can of course save and give your dog cheap and bad food, but is this the best and most sensible idea? Just like any other living organism, your dog needs a balanced and healthy diet. It is therefore necessary to provide him/her with a food that satisfies his/her needs for adequate vitamins and minerals. So please count now how much it costs a month and then a year for a dog to live in our house to be in perfect health and iron condition. Can you afford to buy such an expensive gift for a Christmas tree to just make your child happy?

Is Christmas confusion the best time to make such decisions? Let's think that we analyzed all the comments that speak both for and against buying and deciding to raise a dog. We have managed to work out the division of work with the dog, we have calculated the costs of raising and keeping the dog at home, we know what will happen with him during our holiday plans. We know perfectly well what results from the duties, which we have both in bringing up a young dog, as well as in taking care of an adult dog. Despite all the warnings and comments, we still want to have it at home. And very well because it is a signal that our will to have a dog was not decided only under the influence of persuasion by children. Now we are aware that the desire to have a dog is deep and will not pass away as soon as the dog grows up.


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