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Kong - the perfect toy for every pet

Selected toys are very often responsible for the development of dog character, its learning and trait development. They are used for both training and play purposes. Not every owner of a four-legged dog has the time and willingness to take care of it all. It is an ideal object for organizing free time and independent play of the pet. Toys have a great influence on four-legged dogs because at the same time we can take care of things that we don't have time for when we take care of them.

Kong for the dog

Kong toy is made of a very pleasant and friendly material for four-legged rubber. This is a very simple toy that can surprise an animal in action. Unexpected variations and phrases make your pet even more interested than other toys. Kong resembles a snowman with an empty interior. The material and speed of playing with this device make impossible a fast devastation of it by a dog's jaws. Due to the appearance and form of the toy it is also difficult to pull out what is inside.

Dog Kong - how to use it?

Playing with Kong is quite a challenge for both the caretaker and the four-legged. Each of us playing with this with his dog friend should show great creativity, so that the dog will have to sharpen his senses as much as possible. This applies to the choice of content, or more specifically, what to put in the middle of the toy. The better we know our pet, the easier it will be to choose something we know he cares about. One prefers cheese, one prefers ham, and the third prefers something else. What we put into it depends on how much the dog fights to take it out. By sharpening his senses he will try to see what I'm trying to take out and then probably eat it. It's usually a lot of learning for the pet, but it's also fun to play. Kong positively influences the process of training four-legged dogs and their condition. It often happens that Kong is treated as a bite, because it is difficult to pull out what is inside. A huge advantage is the fact that in online pet shops you can buy it at a really affordable price.

a kong to play with for the dog

Doggie Kong - sizes

What kind of kong for a dog to choose? What's the best for a four-legged man?

Kong is available in many versions:

  • Puppy
  • Classic
  • Extreme

Each of these versions is designed for pets with a special emphasis on their age, condition and strength of the jaws. The puppy version is designed for puppies whose teeth are still developing. They have the opportunity to practice their jaws, and thanks to the specificity of the toys have a large dose of fun, so they are still happy. Classic version is designed for adult dogs. It is not worth to give this type of toy to the smallest ones, because they simply can't cope with it. For particularly strong, healthy and highly developed dogs there is a special version of Extreme. If your pet has a tendency to destroy toys, it's worth investing in this type of toy.

This is the basic division of the Congo. You can also find other versions on the market, e.g. with the fetching handle. However, the presented division allows you to choose something for each four-legged dog.

What is the size of a doggy kong toy?

The better we know our four-legged dog, the easier it will be to choose the right toy size. It is influenced by its weight, height, as well as its strength and capabilities, which increase with its development. Knowing these parameters we will be able to choose the appropriate version from the previously described types of toys.


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