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Lion's dog, or what is it worth knowing about shih tzu?

As we mentioned earlier, the lion's dog is a very characteristic breed of dogs. That's why we'll now present you the character traits of the above mentioned dog. Let's consider what typical features of character and disposition can be classified as "lion dogs". Can they cause any educational problems? And how can they be avoided? The first feature is distrust towards strangers. This feature in watchdogs can in some situations very much influence and sometimes even turn into a strong anxiety or behaviour aimed at defending their resources. All this can lead to aggression.

However, we must remember that a dog in which a stimulus such as a stranger will arouse fear, has two extreme possibilities of dog reaction. On one pole there will be an escape and on the other an attack. Which option the four-legged dog will use depends on many factors, including previous experience or current possibilities, for example, a dog that spends most of its time on a leash will benefit from an attack. Another factor is the health of the animal, the behaviour of carers and others.

The most important factor that can minimize risk is certainly to socialize your pet with strangers as early as possible, always looking and behaving differently. This will certainly increase confidence and minimize the risk of anxiety in the adult life of the dog. A common mistake that occurs in people with small, ornamental dogs is mainly the conscious or unconscious enhancement of improper behavior of our dog, especially anxiety and aggression. On the one hand, this behaviour is not a cause for concern, and on the other hand, it is considered normal.

Another feature is the attachment to the owner. Everyone would like to have a dog for which the caretaker is the most important. Shih tzu dogs like to sit on their knees and be stroke, these dogs always want to be the centre of attention. This is not a disadvantage, but let's remember that at puppy age we should devote a lot of time to learning and training our puppy. It is important that there is a strong bond between the caregiver and the animal. Contributes to easier communication and appreciation of the dog. However, when a dog too attached to his master can have separation problems, it comes to when the dog has to teach itself how to cope with isolation. Another feature is the independence of this breed. From independence to disobedience, this is no longer a long way to go.

Many dogs that are independent and intelligent are certainly considered to be very difficult to train. A good example of such behaviour is the dog shih tzu, which during the training very long and patiently tests its owner and his perseverance to see who will be the first to succumb. We should not surrender during the training of the four-legged, if we fail the first time it will succeed the next time, and if one method does not work, we introduce another one. Shih tzu is a dog of small stature, gentle and cheerful disposition. Nevertheless, it should be subjected to training like other animals. This breed is associated with an ornamental dog, which requires from us movement, walks and fun. Let's remember that after our companionship the dog also needs companionship of other dogs.


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