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Liver diet for dogs

Not only do people get sick, but also animals, which are our pets and which we take care of at home, can develop some kind of illness and need a complete change of lifestyle in order to return to health and form. Many diseases make it necessary to change the diet - also in dogs. Among other things, the sick liver requires an immediate change in lifestyle and nutrition, because the liver is responsible for neutralizing toxins and prevents the appearance of certain diseases. If you feel unwell, it can lead to development and other serious illnesses.

This can be a threat not only to further health, but also to the life of the four-legged. The liver has many important functions in all creatures - so how should we take care of it to make it function better? What to feed your dog to help her work?

Liver diet for dogs

The liver is responsible for neutralization of harmful substances in every living organism that has it. The liver filters the blood and cleanses it of toxins, thereby also cleansing the whole body. It is worth mentioning that this organ has a high capacity for self-regulation and autoregeneration - however, each organ may begin to function improperly if it is overloaded or in some way damaged. The most dangerous toxin for the dog is ammonia, which is a by-product of protein breakdown in all cells in the dog's body. Ammonia is normally removed from the body along with urine, in the form of liver-assisted urea. However, if the liver works abnormally, the toxin may cause neurological disorders (hepatic encephalopathy), which in turn may cause apathy, aggression, depression, pointless movement and even epileptic symptoms or coma.

How to feed a dog with an ill liver?

As far as the right diet for a sick dog is concerned, the liver's diet should be based primarily on a moderate content of easily assimilable protein, as excess protein could lead to an increased production of ammonia. Dogs on a liver diet should consume a suitable diet, adapted to their needs, with a correspondingly lower fat content. The source of energy can also be complex carbohydrates, which balance the level of glucose in the blood, influencing also digestive processes.

Dog food 0 - liver diet

The choice of special dog food on a liver diet is also important as the owner often does not prepare the meals he needs himself. Dogs on a liver diet have special needs - among other things, their diet must not run out of fibre, which removes ammonia and other toxins with stool. In a patient's diet, the content of copper (which leads to liver cell damage) should also be significantly lowered, and the content of zinc (which takes part in the neutralization of ammonia) should be increased.

It is also very important to increase the sodium content, which prevents the occurrence of ascites, i.e. the accumulation of fluids in the abdominal cavity - unfortunately, very characteristic in advanced stages of the disease. The specialist dog food also contains important antioxidants - vitamin C, vitamin E, taurine, lutein. It also contains L-carnitine, which accelerates fat metabolism and adds energy.

Liver diet for dogs - recipes after consultation with a doctor!

If your dog is ill and has been diagnosed with liver problems, you need to make sure that special, healthy meals are prepared for him. It is extremely important - as it has probably already been shown in the article - to obtain the appropriate proportions of all ingredients. A liver diet is therefore quite difficult to prepare on its own - and requires strict veterinary control. You should consult your dog's doctor carefully to know what and in what amounts he can be given.

The best solution is therefore to use existing feeds, such as Royal Canin Hepatic HF 16 dog food. Of course, it is also advisable to consult a doctor to select the type and quantity to suit the needs of the individual pet and the individual case.


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