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Maine coon feeding, care

Although it is said that a dog is the best friend of man, many people choose cats as their companions. They follow their own paths and do not always listen to their owners, but they purr, heat and cause many funny situations at home. A unique breed of cats is Maine Coon, simply called Majkunem in Poland. What exactly distinguishes this breed, how should it be nurtured and fed with? Here is all the most important information about Maine Coon cats!

Maine coon feeding, care

Maine coon is a very majestic cat. It has a long pedigree - it comes from New England and is a national Canadian race, bred in the second half of the nineteenth century. Interestingly, it is one of the three breeds of cats in the shaping of which man did not interfere. There are three theories about their origin:

  • Wild cats from Maine State crossed with local racoons.
  • 2. wild cats crossed with Norwegian cats that arrived on Viking ships.
  • 3. wild cats crossed with angora cats, brought to America by colonists in the eighteenth century.

A characteristic feature of the appearance of this cat are tassels on her ears - brushes, thanks to which she looks a bit like a lynx. Its size is also impressive - an adult neutered male cat can be very large and weigh up to 15 kilograms. Of course, the average weight of cats is much smaller - cats are also smaller than cats. However, this is a big difference compared to other cat breeds. Maine coon have a muscular body, a strong skeletal system, a large head and a long tail. The hair around their necks is arranged in a characteristic collar, by which the breed can also be recognized.

The cats of this breed are desirable adventurous companions and home pets not only because of their great appearance (such a cat can undoubtedly be boasted before others), but also because of their social skills. These cats are very sociable, friendly, attached to humans, like children and simply become family members. They have much more social skills than regular cats - they learn more easily, listen to people and love their families very much.

Maine coon how to feed?

Maine Coon CareMaine coon cats need to be cared for and fed as they are at risk of various diseases and illnesses due to the strain on the skeletal system and joint structures. All because they are so big and heavy that their locomotor system is heavily loaded. However, with proper feeding and care, risks can be minimised by providing the right combination of nutrients for the animals. The best are foods prepared especially for them - such as the Royal Canin Maine Coon.

It contains a composition of chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine and fish oil rich in EPA-DHA fatty acids. What is interesting, they also protect against discolouration of hair - which some people would find unsightly. Ingredients protect against yellowing of white hair and russeting of black hair. In addition, the food is large enough for cats to bite it before swallowing. Ordinary food and its small size causes cats with such dimensions and such large jaws to swallow it as a whole. This does not have a positive effect on the digestive system or on the cleaning of teeth from deposits. Therefore, the croquettes of karma must be larger than the standard ones.

Feeding maine coon kittens

Maine Coon kittens also need to be fed properly so that they can grow healthy and well. The more so as they grow slower than kittens of other breeds. The full development of the body ends in their case after 15 months of age. This means that there is a lot of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and glucosamine in the breastmilk. Royal Canin Maine Coon Kitten is the best food for them.

The only thing to remember is that cats quickly get used to a particular food, so differentiate as early as possible. It's also important to give your pet constant access to drinking water - all the more so if he's used to dry food.


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