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Nutritional principles in puppies under development

Puppies have a high nutritional requirements during development. The new owner of the pets should ensure an appropriate start into the future. Do you know how to feed your puppies correctly? Do you know how often and what to feed your little pet? Your puppy has very high nutritional needs. In a short period of time the animal increases its weight 20 to 100 times. During this time the skeleton and muscle mass is expanded. Additionally, the digestive and immune system develops and the teeth are replaced. Therefore, a well-balanced diet is very important.

Feeding your puppy - a good diet

Adequate, proper nutrition during the growth period affects the health and condition of an adult dog. Did you know that your puppy needs twice as much calories per kilogram of body weight as an adult dog? The diet of a young pet should be calorific and easy to digest. There must be no shortage of nutrients, which are responsible for the optimal and harmonious development of the animal.

How do I feed my puppy?

Dog food should be appropriate to the animal's age, lifestyle and expected target weight. Prepared, high quality food that contains the right ingredients for small, medium, large and giant puppies will work best. You don't know which food is best for your pet. Visit our website for professional information. During feeding, the animal must not suddenly change the type of food. This can cause gastrointestinal disorders, resulting in a puppy suffering from diarrhoea and loose stools. In order to change the food, the animal should be accustomed to it gradually for up to a week. When your puppy lives with you at home, give him the same food that he ate from the previous owner or breeder for a few days. Be sure to ask yourself what the animal was fed, how many times a day it ate and how many portions of the meal were.

proper feeding of puppies

How often should I feed my puppy?

Dogs up to 6 months of age should eat three times a day. Older animals can be fed twice a day. You must stick to the fixed feeding hours and feed in the same bowl and in the same place. Rutin is an ally here. Your puppy feels safe, good eating habits are formed. Irregular feeding and too much food disturbs the digestive system, leading to metabolic disorders and obesity. Observe the recommended dosage. Don't pour food into a large bowl and let your puppy eat whenever he wants. Your pet should be given the recommended dose and eaten within 20-30 minutes. After this time you have to take the bowl and wash it, even when the dog has not finished eating.

How many times a day should I feed my puppy?

Unfortunately, most puppy owners feed them and, worse still, feed them with treats for people. Of course, such behaviour is the result of care for their patients, but this behaviour is strongly associated with disorders of the digestive system, excessive weight gain which may lead to obesity of the dog, and may also endanger the life of the animal. The products we use to prepare meals for us and our family are often difficult to digest for dogs, can be very harmful or even poisonous. It's also not worth feeding your puppy at the table, because it's not so easy to train the begging habit of an adult dog.

What not to feed your dog, i.e. PRODUCTS PRODUCTS

The most dangerous article for the dog, which is often found in the diet of people, is chocolate. Unfortunately, the dog is not able to digest theobromine, which is contained in chocolate. This compound can cause convulsions, internal hemorrhage and heart attack in the four-legged person. Also dangerous is the onion, which destroys the red blood cells of the animal, leading to anaemia. Grapes are also dangerous and can disturb the kidneys and intestines. Your dog should also not eat avocados because the persin (safe for humans) contained in it can contribute to the accumulation of water in the abdominal cavity, heart and chest area.


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