The kitten in question

How and what to feed Husky dogs?


Organisation of the territory of the cat

The fact is that the cat is an animal with a strong territorial instinct. For if the territory he occupies is marked in a certain way and the planned cat will certainly devote most of his time to sleep. Therefore, he will use the rest for food as well as fun and care. We should also remember that the size of a pet's territory will be determined by the place of residence and sex of our "pet". In addition, rural cats may occupy an area of at least one hectare at the same time. However, males living in rural areas may occupy an area of more than a dozen hectares.

As a result, the situation is completely different among cats living mainly in cities. Therefore, due to the much smaller spaces, and thus often a larger concentration of animals in a certain area, it is estimated that ten cats can simultaneously divide the area of one Arabian (remember, however, that these territories must not overlap in any way). Therefore, when our cat designates "its territory" it will also join its organization and marking. It is pointed out, however, that all cats have four main zones in such a territory.

This includes a place to eat and play, as well as to take care of physiological needs and resting places. It should also be borne in mind that our interference in the territorial arrangement of the cat's space may also cause that our pet will cause us great problems. The fact is, therefore, that the organisation of the territory also depends on the place that our cat has at its disposal. However, many guidebooks about these cats rightly point out that it is not the space that the cat has at its disposal, but rather a good development. To sum up, when deciding on a "cat" at home, we should provide him with good living conditions in harmony with nature. In addition, it's also worth spending some time getting to know all the behaviour of your pet. Its space must also be organised in an appropriate way.


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