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Proper feeding of a German Shepherd

How we feed a German Shepherd depends on the quality and longevity of his life. Choosing the right food is also important for the well-being of the four-legged person. The training of a satisfied dog brings better results. Therefore, it is good to know how to feed the German Shepherd properly.

German Shepherd's sheepfold - Nutrition

The feeding of German Shepherds depends on several factors. The most important issues include your dog's age, physical fitness and level of activity. The climate and the place where the dog lives are also important. For example, a shepherd who spends cold days outdoors in an unheated place will need more calories.

German Shepherd - puppy's feed

German Shepherd puppies will need food with high protein content. The food should also contain mineral and vitamin preparations. Growing dogs especially need vitamins A, E, D, as well as those of group B. It's worth getting used to eating fruit and vegetables from the puppy's age, which are beneficial for them. Adults do not like this type of food, which translates into worse condition.

German Shepherds, both puppies and adults, do not have a strong stomach. Therefore, the amount of fat in the food must not be exaggerated. Eating too fatty can cause pancreatic problems.

It is also worth remembering about proper feeding of the German Shepherd during pregnancy. Pregnant females should receive up to four times as much food as usual. During lactation and pregnancy, the bitch should not be fed bones. If your bitch doesn't want to eat after giving birth, you can crush the food you serve. In addition, be careful of the bitch's appetite after feeding and do not give too much food.

German long-haired Shepherd - nutrition

There is no doubt that the German long-haired Shepherd is a carnivorous animal. For this reason, in order to ensure a dog's health and attractive appearance, a proper diet must include products of animal origin. In addition to the right amount of meat, a good food for a shepherd is of course also made up of other ingredients. It should be remembered that the feeding of the German long-haired Shepherd, like other species, must correspond to the specificity of the breed and the specific needs of the animal. The amount of food should be selected individually for each pet, taking into account the level of activity and the associated energy requirements.

How to feed the Shepherd?

How to feed a German Shepherd?

An adult German Shepherd should be fed no more than twice a day. A portion of food should not be too large to be easily assimilated. Remember not to overburden your dog with physical activity immediately after a meal.

Food suitable for your dog:

-dries the food,
-Wet food,
-meals prepared by a guardian.

Regardless of the type, food must contain all the necessary nutrients to ensure the health and energy of your dog.


Store mixtures usually have a balanced composition and do not require additional supplementation. Dry granules, rubbing off tartar, also strengthen teeth and gums. Don't forget that feeding your dog only with dry food can cause digestion problems.


Usually, wet food has less calories than dry food. Wet food is therefore recommended for overweight dogs. Last but not least, wet foods contain a lot of water to protect against stones in the bladder and support the urinary tract.


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