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How to take care of the guinea pig correctly?


Proper feeding of the guinea pig

Guinea pigs are herbivores and should only consume plant food - such as hay, green plants and herbs, as well as fruit and vegetables. In addition, their diet should be abundant in dietary fiber, which is essential for proper digestion.

Hay, which contains a lot of ballast substances, should be the basis of the diet of the guinea pig. The hay should be clean and dry, so it should be changed regularly and supplied.

Also the vegetation, which should also be often present in the animal's diet, is very rich in fiber. An example of this type of food is lucerne, which can be purchased, among others, in pet shops.

Food for the guinea pig

Pigs like to eat various types of herbs. They can be served with herbs such as basil, white comosa, thyme, dill, marjoram, common star, mallow, mint, nettle, daisy, yarrow, as well as grandmother, borage and garden chervil. All these herbs can be purchased in well-equipped pet shops or collected by yourself, if possible.

Fruit and vegetables, which are a valuable source of many nutrients and vitamins, should also be present in the diet of guinea pigs. Pigs can be served with products such as broccoli, chicory, Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage and carrots, as well as melons, apples and pieces of watermelon.

In pet shops you can also find ready-to-use blends that can be used as food for guinea pigs. It is worth noting their composition - the cheapest products contain mainly cereal grains. Those of better quality and costing a little more usually have a more varied composition and much more nutrients.

feeding of the guinea pig

Beaphar - food for the guinea pig

The new food that appeared on the market some time ago - Beaphar Nature for guinea pigs has many advantages, one of which is the most important - is a reflection of the natural diet of these animals, which is rich in fibre and fibre and contains little starch. The base of the product is Timothy hay, which is not only very tasty, but above all has many valued nutrients. The guarantee of the highest quality of the product is its special production - to Holland, where it is produced, timothy hay is imported from Canada.

Apart from hay, Beaphar Natura also includes 30 different kinds of grasses and herbs. These are, among others, plants such as: bloodblood, annual perennial grass, meadow timothy, reed canary grass, infertile broom, five-flower, meadow sage, common myelin, common birdsfoot and carrot, common cocksfoot, green trichinosis, meadow fescue, red fescue, sheep's fescue, perennial ryegrass, annual raygrass. In addition, you can also find plants such as: white pink clover, red clover, white clover, common yarrow, caraway, chervil, cherry tree, horsetail, grass honey woolworm, lanceolate grandmother, medium grandmother, vetch, common comb, meadow perennial.

Food for the guinea pig

In addition to specially selected plants, which are part of Beaphar Nature food, you can also find a number of other valuable ingredients, such as chicory, which is a rich source of easily assimilated sugar (inulin), and grape seed extract - a source of antioxidants. Pig food is also rich in apple pectin and vitamins, as well as spirulina and yucca schidigera. Spirulina is an algae that contains many nutrients with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-allergic effects. In addition, yucca also limits the growth of bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odour of faeces. Vitamin C contained in the food supports the animal's organism - it is very important, because guinea-pigs do not produce this vitamin on their own.


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