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Your puppy needs a very gentle, yet full-fledged diet. If it is to be fed dry food, it must be adapted to the age, breed, weight and needs of the dog. There is no single food for puppies, because everyone is different and has different needs.

This is especially important if your puppy has health problems or intolerance to certain ingredients. The introduction of a special diet is then required after consultation with a veterinarian. It should be remembered that every pet has its own taste for food, so not everything can taste good, and this is completely normal. The right karma is therefore very important. It can also be a demanding task, because you need to get to know your pet well. Then you should take care of him and watch him closely and spend a lot of time with him, not only to get to know his tastes, but also to understand him better.

Puppy food

It's important to bear in mind that your puppy is developing rapidly and therefore needs a lot of energy. However, this should not be associated with providing him with a lot of calories. You can get nutritious, healthy and nutritious food, which will also add energy and nourish both the mind and the dog's body. Avoid "junk food", which has mainly preservatives, artificial dyes and enhancers in it. These are low class foods with low meat content and high ash content as well as unknown origin of various minced products. This can harm the pet, destroy its digestive system and cause many problems with its internal organs, in addition to causing allergies and obesity of course. So you have to choose karma wisely, because health is the most important thing.

Puppy food

Of course, good food has a correspondingly high price, but these are proven and certified products made from natural ingredients. It is necessary to take care of an adequate amount of meat, which is a source of protein, microelements and builds muscles. It would be good if the food also contains dried fruits and vegetables, because they have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Probiotics and prebiotics that protect the digestive system and strengthen the intestinal bacterial flora may be useful. This will certainly have a positive effect on the animal's immunity. Carbohydrates and cereals should be avoided, and at first there should be no fatty meat or fish in the feed, as they will unnecessarily strain the stomach. Attention should be paid to foods that have ingredients that have a good effect on the joints, care for the skin and coat and have a positive effect on the senses, such as those with lutein, glucosamine, collagen and chondroitin.

Dry puppy food

Products for puppies on the market are marked with "Junior". Variants are available for small, medium and large breeds, or specifically dedicated to a breed. It is a good idea to mark it as Premium or Super Premium. This will ensure that they are made from natural ingredients, tested and sourced from local, proven suppliers.


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