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Rehabilitation of animals

Physiotherapy, also called physiotherapy, physiotherapy and physiotherapy, is a rapidly developing discipline of clinical medicine based entirely on those branches of classical natural medicine, which gained a scientific foundation in the 20th century or were created thanks to the development of technology. The common feature of these natural healing methods is that they use various forms of energy found in the natural human environment and available human senses, which evoke measurable reactions of fizjological self-regulatory mechanisms in the body. They are irreplaceable, because this improvement in the natural mechanisms of self-defence and healing alone cannot be achieved by means of medicines.

Thus, physiotherapy has become not only the basis of rehabilitation, but also a necessary complement to treatment with pharmacological agents and surgical methods. Physiotherapy of the 21st century uses complex cameras and devices, often using the latest advances in digital technology. Physiotherapy is a branch of modern clinical medicine, which uses various forms of energy, primarily physical energy, connected with the natural environment of man for therapeutic, prophylactic and rehabilitation purposes. Thus, it has nothing to do with the so-called unconventional or alternative medicine, to which belong methods that have no scientific justification, also called natural medicine. Contemporary medicine uses physical treatment methods as a complement to pharmacotherapy and surgical treatment and as a basis for medical rehabilitation and disease prevention, which means that they are applied in each of the three areas of medical activity: prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

It turns out that rehabilitation of our animals in Poland is a relatively unknown field. However, it is pointed out that more and more often it also begins to appreciate the specific benefits of fairly professional rehabilitation of animals. It is also argued that it is gaining more and more recognition among certain veterinarians and is therefore an essential complement to surgical and pharmacological treatment. The importance of professional rehabilitation should also be explained and the benefits of its use should be presented.

Therefore, individual physiotherapeutic services for our animals are provided by qualified "physiotherapists zoo", who at the same time, in cooperation with individual veterinarians, undertake comprehensive and team rehabilitation measures from every angle. As a result, the main goal of this rehabilitation of our animals is a relatively quick return to this physical fitness after a certain injury, as well as injury or surgery. However, the priority task of rehabilitation is the aspect of combating pain in pets. We should also remember that these rehabilitation procedures also lead to the improvement of the flow of blood or lymph, and thus to the removal of swellings or even to the improvement of the reconstruction of this tissue.


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