How do I teach my cat cleanliness?

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The kitten in question

When presenting the speech aspect of our pets, we should bear in mind that cats and other animals also have their own way of communicating with the whole environment around them. Depending on whether or not they try to communicate with people, as well as with other animals, they use a wide range of signals and popular body language at the same time.

Therefore, among these ways of communication, there are also methods of conduct that are in no way acceptable to us, i.e. owners of cats, for example, the importance of territory with urine. The fact is that our cat is an intelligent animal and very easy to learn. As a result, he quickly begins to combine used words with our activities. So cats pay much more attention to the aspect of our body language. Consequently, it helps to determine our mood.

In addition, the cat can sense the moments when we are happy, and when sad, it only happens through the individual observation of the language of our body and, interestingly, also anticipates our intentions. Let's remember that in communication with every person, our cats also use quite precise body language combined with appropriate sounds at the same time. But what does our cat try to say by doing certain things? It should certainly show that "rubbing against the owner" is a sign that the cat feels good in the company of every person and leaves its fragrance on it.

Analyzing "kneading with the paws" we learn that such behaviour appears in our kittens during the sucking operation of breast milk, and thus is certainly a sign of joy. In the case of larger cats, this behaviour may also indicate that the cat is satisfied, as well as the owner's identification with his mother. It is also indicated that the tail is moving. But it happens here opposite to dogs, such behaviour makes us aware that this stroking is a sign of irritation and discontent. It is interesting to note that a completely different way for our cats to communicate with each other are quite specific noises. It is about purring or meowing.


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