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Travelling with Pets by Car

For most of us pets are the equel members of our families and even our best friends. That is why, when we have to leave the town for a longer period of time or we simply go on holidays, we want to take our pet with us. As it may not be as easy as we think, it's a good idea to start preparing for such journey in advance, so it won't be too stressful for ourselves and of course the animal. There are a few tips you should follow, to make travelling with your pet a joyfull experience.

Familiarized Your Pet with the Car

If your cat or dog has never travelled in the car before, you should get him used to it. At first you can just let him get in the car and explore it for as long as the animal is interested in the new smells and environment. Then you may start the engine and show your pet that it is something normal. After that, you should take it for some short rides from time to time, as this way you will both get used to travelling together. You may take a trip to a new park for example, which will be a positive experience for your dog.

Choose the Right Way to Restrain Your Pet in the Car

Wthout any exceptions you cannot allow your pet to wander around the car while driving. It is extremely dangerous, both for you and the animal. That is why, you need to figure out how to transport the animal safely.

It is not much of a problem if it concerns smaller breeds of dogs or cats. In such situation we just need to buy a proper travel carrier. It needs to be large enough for a pet, so it will be able to stand in it, turn around and comfortably lay down. Also make sure that it is well-ventilated and made of good-quality materials, both soft and hard ones.

Car seatbelts for dogs

When it comes to bigger dogs, you have several options.

  1. Dog cage - it is the best way to keep your dog still during the whole drive, especially if your pet is nervous. You can put it in the rear of the car or in the back seat. That way, the dog will be perfectly safe when you stop suddenly or get in an accident.
  2. Dog safety seat - purchasing such safety seat can be a good choice if we do not want our dog to spend the trip in the cage. It gives a pet a proper comfort and it is equipped with special belts, that increase safety.
  3. Car seatbelts for dogs - these special seatbelts for our pets have special harnesses, which are attached to the buckle of the car's seatbelt, and that way secure the pet from injuries in case we stop suddenly.

Of course, if we are about to use travel carrier or a cage, we need to make sure that it is also properly secured with seatbelts, and that it won't move around during the trip or when we suddenly stop or get hit.

Visit a Vet

Before taking your pet for a longer trip you should go and consult it with a vet. A specialist may tell you if your dog or a cat shows any signs of car sickness, and recommend you medicine which will help him deal with such condition. What is more, a vet can also suggest you what kind of medication may be used to calm the animal which is nervous while travelling. Remember that giving your pet any drugs without a consult with a vet can be very dangerous.



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