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What is holistic food and is it worth giving to Pupil?

In recent years, the knowledge about the proper nutrition of pets has increased significantly. More and more caregivers are beginning to feed their favourites according to the natural order of things. Among other things, holistic food is very popular. They differ from ordinary feeds in their exceptional composition and method of production.

Holistic karma - what does it mean?

At the outset, we need to decipher the issue of holistic nutrition. The very concept of holism comes from ancient Greece, from the word holos, that is, the whole. Harmony and a "holistic" life in harmony with nature are the most important values guiding holistic philosophy. Proponents of this theory believe that organisms, both human and animal, consist of many ingredients. Proper cooperation of smaller elements allows for proper functioning of the whole organism. The feeding of animals must therefore also be considered as part of a larger whole.

Holistic food

What distinguishes a holistic stone in practice? It is composed in such a way that it not only satisfies the nutritional needs of the animal, but also has a positive impact on its well-being. Various, high quality ingredients meet all the requirements of our favourites. Holistic feeding is an important part of so-called holistic veterinary medicine. It is based on a holistic approach to pet care. In addition to proper nutrition, great importance is also attached to the mental condition of the pet and the relationship between the animal and the owner.

The uniqueness of holistic food is also determined by the production method. For the production of such a feed, excellent quality raw materials of natural origin are used, either not at all or not at all processed. Most holistic feed manufacturers use local suppliers to ensure a smooth production process that does not require freezing or long storage. In this way, vegetables and meat do not lose any of their freshness and thus retain their nutritional value. No preservatives or artificial dyes are used in the production process.

holistic dog food

Holistic vs. ordinary food

Holistic cat food is prepared from the highest quality, natural ingredients. No artificial, harmful substances are used in the production process. Ordinary food often uses low-value ingredients for carnivorous animals, such as proteins of plant origin, for example. Cat food produced according to holistic rules is made from zoonotic products. Herbs and probiotics contained in it facilitate digestion, which has an additional, positive impact on the work of internal systems, psyche and the well-being of our pet.

In contrast to conventional foods, holistic foods are mainly based on animal protein from multiple sources. This allows you to maintain the correct level of amino acids in carnivorous cats. Equally beneficial for the diet of fur is reduced carbohydrate content. What's more, we won't find gluten products such as cereal grains in the holistic food composition. To ensure a comprehensive diet and to avoid dietary deficiencies, holistic foods are enriched with substances such as beer yeast, which improve the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals and facilitate digestion.

Holistic food for cats

There is no doubt that holistic karma is an excellent alternative to ordinary karma. If we want the best for our cat, it's worth taking an interest in this type of food, rich in full-value proteins and fats. A balanced holistic diet, rich in vitamins, prebiotics and antioxidants of natural origin, is especially recommended for furries struggling with food allergies, digestive and urinary tract problems, as well as for cats after castration. When deciding to buy holistic food, we can be sure that we supply our Pupil with all the necessary nutrients.


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