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What to feed a breeding rat - food

Rats can be more choosy in terms of food than you might think. Each rat can have its own taste and favourite food, without which it cannot imagine a diet. There are also many products in the shops that we can give to our pet as a reward for the tasks performed. In the first place, however, it is necessary to take care of the basis of the diet, which should be balanced and healthy meals.

What to feed the rat?

Rats are omnivorous animals; they can draw nutrients from a variety of products. After all, meat is the favourite food of many rats. Some cats can even eat cat food that contains proteins of animal origin. This will not harm our rat in small quantities, but his diet must not be allowed to be based solely on this. Poultry meat, preferably cooked, is a good choice for a rat meal. It is a very rich source of protein.

Cooked rat eggs also like it very much.

The same applies to uncooked eggs. This shows that rats instinctively choose foods that contain as much protein as possible. However, it is necessary to maintain moderation. As in any other case, an excess of this ingredient can be harmful to the organism.

Breeding rat - feeding

Despite their fondness for meat, rats also love cereal products. Actually, they should be the most important component of their diet. The favourite delicacies of rats include sunflower seeds and white rice.

feeding a domestic rat

Vegetables and fruits are a healthy variety of rat diets.

We all know that fruit and vegetables are a very healthy component of the diet. Their food is good for people; rats can also benefit from their blessings. Rats even love some vegetables, especially potatoes and legumes such as broad beans and beans. Rats don't despise fruit either. As a rule, they like grapes, bananas, raisins, peaches and mandarins very much.

Cooked pasta and wholegrain bread rats like it too.

As we have already said, rats love different kinds of grain. This also applies to various cereal products, including many that are present in our daily menu. A great idea for a tasty and healthy meal for the rat is cooked pasta. Wholemeal bread can also be given to these animals.

Breeding rats - feed

In pet shops you will find a lot of products for everyone who has a rat and wants to provide him with the best diet. An interesting proposition are, for example, flasks, which rats can bite. Rodents love such things, so buying them you can not only give them something good to eat, but also make them enjoyable. The flasks are available in many different flavours, so let yourself be a little bit of an experiment and see which one is most appealing to your rat. As a rule, rodents love honey flasks, but of course each rat can have its own taste. This is only an example, of course, as the rat treats available in the shops are very diverse.


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