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What to feed an ear-friendly friend? Feeding rules for breeding rabbits

Learn how to take care of a delicate miniature rabbit. Do you know how to feed him properly? We invite you to the article.

How to feed a miniature rabbit?

The food for the rabbit should be low in calories. Ideally, it should contain a lot of fiber, with a low content of starch and sugars. Hay, various kinds of herbs, milk, young leaves of trees or entire branches and bark will be good food for rabbits. To ensure a variety of meals, they can be served with vegetables, fruit and other snacks that are available from pet shops.

What to feed rabbits?

In addition to the naturally occurring foods, rabbits can be fed a ready-to-eat food specially adapted for them. Most often they are in the form of granules or mixtures in which there are several components. Mixtures fed to rabbits are often eaten only in part, as the animal can choose its favourite ingredients and the rest of the food is left untouched. This is a disadvantage of the mixes, which is why granulate is chosen more often and is eaten as a whole. Before buying food, check its composition - choose only those foods that provide rabbits with the right nutrition. An important principle when feeding rabbits is the quality of food. Let us never give animals unpleasant and mouldy food. You should also know that rabbits are herbivores. This does not mean that every plant will be suitable for them. Good plants will be those that contain large amounts of fibre. This ingredient is difficult to digest, but the rabbit's digestive system needs it to function properly.

what to feed the rabbitWhat to feed breeding rabbits?

Breeding rabbits can be fed similarly to cats and dogs, which are also fed dry food. If other animals have a special food prepared for the species, the same is true for rabbits. Well-chosen ingredients of dry rabbit food will keep rabbits healthy and in good condition.

Mixtures for rabbits is a food that contains cereals, herbs, dried plants and fine granules. Depending on the company that produces the food, the composition will vary. It is best to choose a food that consists of dried herbs, grass, bark and a small amount of seeds.

Another good food for rabbits is hay and herbs. They are essential nutrients for rabbits. They contain a lot of nutrients, which affect the health of rabbits and are rich in fibres, which have a good effect on digestion, improving the functioning of the digestive system.

How to feed small rabbits

The diet of small and adult rabbits differs from each other as food needs change. Young rabbits can eat the bark of deciduous trees because it contains a lot of minerals and is low in calories. Branches of fruit trees are also an excellent choice for young rabbits. Biting twigs not only provides rabbits with nutritional value, but also provides entertainment and helps to exterminate sharp and young incisors.

Young rabbits should also eat vegetables. However, they need to be slowly accustomed to them. If they ate ready-made food and suddenly start eating the vegetables themselves, they may get a stomach disorder. Younger and older rabbits do not tolerate a rapid change of diet, so each new addition to the diet should be given gradually.

Young rabbits can also be given fruit - but only in small amounts.


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