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Why do dogs eat grass?

Have you noticed that your dog eats grass while walking? Why are animals so eager to eat grass? What is its phenomenon in? Should this behaviour be of concern to the owner of the animal?

Why does the dog eat grass?

Many owners have the impression during the walk that the dog has started to prefer a vegetarian diet, because he likes to eat grass. Then the question arises in my head, "won't the grass hurt my pet? Many owners go to the vet immediately to diagnose a possible illness. There is no unambiguous answer to the question, so the dog eats grass, but there are a few important things that can be distinguished:

Psychological reasons

Puppies often eat things they shouldn't ultimately eat. It happens that something inedible reaches the stomach. This is a natural behaviour. In this way the dog learns what is allowed and what is not. It is a study of the world.

Often this can also be imitation. If a small puppy notices that his mother or father is eating grass, he starts to do the same because he thinks he should. You don't have to worry about it at all.

why the dog eats grass

Why do dogs eat grass?

The only thing that every owner should pay attention to is whether the plant eaten by the animal is edible or poisonous. If it is poisonous, go to the vet immediately. Adult dogs can be frustrated, which is why they often start plucking shrubs as well.

In many cases, in this way the dog wants to attract the attention of its beloved caregiver. When a dog does something wrong, the caregiver is more interested in it, which the dog notices and uses it. Often your dog's life is simply boring.

Dietary issues

There are several reasons for this. The first is that many dogs like the taste of grass and eat it just as much as people eat their favourite fruits and vegetables. Usually dogs prefer young, soft and juicy leaves. It is usually an occasional activity. Your dog should eat a few leaves and stop there.

Dogs also eat grass in spring to replenish microelements lost in winter. Such behaviour is called atavism.

The ancestors of our beloved dogs have already replenished the poor diet by eating grass. It is in them, among other things, that there is a valuable dietary fibre for digestion.

However, if our beloved dog eats too much grass, his diet should be looked at carefully. You then have to choose the right food for him/her. Then all deficiencies of our pet will be satisfied.

Health problems

Often dogs also eat food when they have serious health problems. Often eating bones or other things can be digested by eating grass, which cleanses the intestines. If the grass eats quickly and does not chew it, then he wants to force the body to vomit.

Unknown causes

Your dog often doesn't know what he's doing. If your dog buys grass from time to time, it can be considered to do so mechanically and has no cause for concern.

Can grass damage your dog?

Dogs in cities can be exposed to so-called heavy metals and plant protection chemicals after eating grass. The grass eaten by your dog should be clean.


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