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Why does your cat bury food?

In today's article let's answer the question why our pet likes to bury food? It turns out that research companies have raised this issue. Respondents showed that forty-two per cent of our pets bury food because they want to leave it for later. The next part of the respondents, i.e. twenty-three percent - because he does not like it. Another part of the respondents, who accounted for twenty-three per cent, believes that food is his.

Returning to old times, the so-called "wild ancestors" of our domestic cats usually filled up the remains of food with leaves, as well as with soil and branches - to leave them for later. It turns out that homemade purrs have inherited a custom while introducing a certain modification - for example by burying food or forcing the caregivers to give a completely different food.

Why? Because it doesn't taste good in any way. It also results in the fact that subjecting oneself to numerous cat manipulations is a simple way to raise a rather picky gourmet, which at the same time has to try a variety of feeds and food available in quite specialist pet shops and human fridges.

Some owners write that if a kitten starts scratching the floor then move her to the scratching post and lead her paws along the scratching post. Of course, it's a delicacy. The cat can't understand that she has a full bowl only for herself and tries to show other possible intruders that it's him. It will take some time before he understands that he lacks competitors and that his belly is always full. These tossed cats have different strange habits and are very afraid that they will lose their property.

To sum up, our cats love the fun of burying food in a variety of ways. The above article shows what it really means. It is also indicated that burying food, as well as scratching the scraper and armchair, and rubbing against the owner's legs serves a similar purpose at the same time, because it is our cat that marks the environment with its smell, in order to feel good and safe in such a place.


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